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Call us toll free: 720.922.9779

Ruthie Neuwirth

Volunteer Coordinator
Ruthie graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Psychology.
She joins 2xtreme as their Volunteer Coordinator. She finds volunteering very important, fulfilling and looks forward to involving others so that they can make a difference and feel the same reward.  With a minimum of four service days/year, there will be many opportunities to volunteer, help others and make a difference in someone’s lives.  The latest project Ruthie served on was 2xtreme’s largest serve day project.  The positive energy was contagious and the stories shared were inspiring.  She has been involved with 2xtreme for six years as an alumni mom and she strongly feels that this is where her heart belongs, serving others and making a difference.
Besides working for 2xtreme, Ruthie enjoys playing tennis and spending time with her husband and two children.