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John E. Davis M.A., CACII


“After twenty years of being in practice I am still as passionate as I was on my first day. My desire has always been to provide the highest level of personal service to each of my clients. To go above and beyond in being a part of their process. To walk with them through the darkest moments and to celebrate them as they find victory.

I do what I do because I love people. I love every client, every parent. I have been blessed with creativity and boundless energy. My heart for my clients is to do whatever it takes to encourage movement in their lives. And to obtain progress from where they have been in the last few months really is a miracle. I get to watch miracles happen everyday. And I ‘get’ to go to work today and encourage young men to be who they should be.”

John Davis carries a Clinical Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and is a Certified Addictions Counselor (CACll). He specializes exclusively with males – children and young men who are struggling with the mixed messages and conflicting information from their peers, schools, and society. John takes a comprehensive approach to therapy – treating his clients, and then working with their families to create a healthier home dynamic. John’s approach to therapy is connection-based – he works first to build a relationship with each young man, then to guide each one to better decisions and choices, based on what he understands about that individual. His unique approach means that each client has a relationship with John based on where that client is at that time – there are no set solutions, no textbook-based answers. By creating a connection first, John is able to build a high level of confidence with each young man, and create a space of safety so each client can share his struggles and fears without fear of judgement or condemnation. These connections often become long-term friendships, and former clients often maintain contact with John long after their therapy is complete.

John is the founder and President of the 2xtreme Foundation, a not-for-profit organization founded in 1999 which serves families and young men in the Colorado area. Through the 2xtreme Foundation, scholarships are granted so that more young men and teen boys have access to these unique services.

He is a public speaker to universities, graduate and high schools, businesses, youth organizations, student athletes (age group to Olympic qualifiers) and churches. He speaks from his heart about his passion for supporting young men, and has enabled many success stories.

John has been found rock climbing on five continents and has a real passion for the outdoors. We try to keep an eye on John, but we find him on the rocks a lot…