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Positive Team Building

Positive Team Building activities allow a newly formed or existing group the forum to create a strong cohesive team dynamic that is based on positive personal relationships.  The goals is to establish trust, create shared experiences, and have some fun within the team.  This creates an environment where members get to recognize and practice different styles of communication, work on group decision making skills, solve problems, try out new leaders and have a few laughs.  Individuals will be incredibly challenged and will be coached to successfully navigate extreme team tasks, with the ultimate goal of becoming a cohesive unit.

Team Re-Energizing

Team Re-Energizing can help renew a group that is struggling within.  This process teaches members how to communicate effectively, encourages assertive communication skills, creates a fresh perspective, encourages the team to take risks and instigate new approaches to each other and situations. Re-energizing a team leads to highly effective problem solving skills and enhanced solutions while encouraging personal investment within the group.

Team Recovery Processing

Team Recovery Processing can help a group or organization process through a difficult or challenging time.  The addition or release of multiple team members, key leadership changes or unexpected external tragedies can significantly affect the dynamics within a team.  Individuals may feel anxious, depressed, hopeless, or devalued in many of these situations and engage in high-risk behaviors.  Recovery exercises can help the team or organization understand the feelings and needs of individuals while helping them to re-connect effectively within the group.

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