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Call us toll free: 720.922.9779


What is Mom2Mom (M2M)?

Parenting a son or daughter with addictions and/or in rebellion can be a frustrating, life draining, and isolating experience. We honor the courage it takes to step forward, out of the insanity, toward personal growth and healing. The only thing we ask is that you come with an openness to experience yourself, and as you feel led, to share from your heart.

The Mom2Mom Group is a free community support group for mothers with sons or daughters experiencing challenges.  The group provides support, acceptance, and hope.  The group shares experiences, explores motivations, and focuses on personal decisions and directions for healing themselves and their families.

You don't have to walk this path alone

What participants are saying:

"It's the first place I felt I wasn't alone."

"The Mom's Group saved my life."

"It's the one time I do something for me.  Because it ultimately involves my family, I never feel guilty about it."

"John's book gave me hope.  The Mom's Group gave me strength."

"Knowing I'm not alone - it empowered me to make a change and to know I could do it."

"It helped to know my story helped others."

"It was a safe place where I felt I wasn't judged. I was safe and it put things into perspective for me."

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