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Call us toll free: 720.922.9779


“How do you measure the impact of one man on another man’s son?”

Our young men and teens want to be amazing, creative, successful people.  They are trying to succeed in a society that sends them the wrong messages about what is ‘cool’ and what is admired.  They struggle with this – so what is the right thing to do?

A young man is cruising along in his life – then he hits a ‘speed bump’.  All of the junk in the back of his car comes flying to the front and through the windshield.  He has just crashed – does he know what to do next?

Our young people face a multitude of ‘speed bumps’ – divorce, romantic disappointments, bullying, family situations, an unexpected death – the list is long.  When a young man hits one of these bumps, he runs the risk of being derailed.  A disconnection takes place.  He is amazingly gifted and destined for wonderful things, but he can’t cope with this crash.  He may start trying to cope  by isolating himself, using drugs, engaging in risky sexual behavior, or he may become depressed.  Our young men want to be great, but sometimes become ‘stuck’ in the reality of high school and young adult life.  Their coping mechanisms become ingrained, and they lose confidence, self-esteem, and hope.  Parents often react in non-productive ways, further promoting these negative behaviors, without meaning to.

A teen or young man that has suffered through this kind of a crash needs a connection – one he is probably not willing to try with a parent or friend.  He needs something new – someone who sees him for who he is at this minute and can see where he can go in the future.  That is the kind of support that is offered by 2xtreme Counseling.  Connections with someone who really listens, shares back, understands, and doesn’t judge are rare.  When they happen, something amazing occurs – a young man can see where he can go and what he can be.  He can let go of the coping habits that denied the truth of who he is.  He can see himself taking wing and accomplishing the goals he has set for himself.  He can find himself and continue towards his greatness.

Our communities have been in desperate need of specialized programs to meet the needs of their teen boys and young men. Too many families have been turned away from counseling services due to financial hardships. The 2xtreme Foundation is committed to making sure that youth who are willing to make positive behavioral and emotional changes have the opportunity to connect with a professional counselor who can help them achieve their goals.

90+ % of  2xtreme youth are not re-offending or being sent back to probation or diversion, and they are staying clean from drugs and alcohol. We are proud of their accomplishments and need supporters like you to help turn these adolescents into healthy and productive members of our society.

“Our reflection of ourselves in John’s eyes is the very best of us.  We are taken in by him.  We are loved unconditionally, with all our flaws, frailties, and our fears.  And that’s what the kids see.  They see that in his eyes.  You can’t fake that!  He is the real deal.”     – Mary Pat

Signs of a teen or young man struggling behaviorally or emotionally:

  • Does not fit in a social group
  • Has been arrested, on probation, or in a diversion program
  • Uses drugs and/or alcohol
  • Is at risk of being placed out of home
  • Has unresolved personal conflict in relationships
  • Has issues of anger management
  • Has academic and/or truancy issues
  • Associates with delinquents
  • Has had a traumatic experience, including divorce, separation, or loss

What services does 2xtreme provide?

  • Adolescent Counseling and Support Services
  • Training Mentors
  • Mentoring
  • Case Management
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Family System Intervention
  • Multi-Systemic Strength Based Approach
  • Drug & Alcohol Education, Therapy and Groups
  • Drug Testing - Urine Analysis and Hair Follicle Analysis
  • Breathalyzer Testing
  • Therapeutic Recreational & Social Activities
  • Parenting Classes
  • Anger Management Classes
  • Academic Tutoring