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Call us toll free: 720.922.9779

4th Annual Summit Climb – Gray’s & Torrey’s Peak 2017

    July 28, 2017
    5:00 am - 1:00 pm

The 2xtreme Foundation is proud to present the 4th Annual Summit Climb!


DATE: Friday, July 28, 2017
TIME: 5am – 1pm


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Tickets Go On Sale: April 1st – July 28th
Ticket Prices: Hikers – $50
Check-In: 5:00am
Location: Park in Upper Parking Lot for Gray’s Peak @ Trailhead (Bakerville exit 221 off I-70)
Hike Takes About 6 Hours


Come join us for an early morning hike up Gray’s and Torrey’s Peaks! This beautiful hike offers the opportunity to conquer one or two of Colorado’s 14ers in one day! Invite your family and friends to come support the community and the programs that 2xtreme provides!

Summit is an exhilarating hike that is the physical embodiment of the 2xtreme theme – Life is a Mountain. As boys and young men move through the 2xtreme process, they learn to negotiate their own mountains – choosing paths that serve them and avoiding those that are too dangerous. Sometimes a young man needs to think his way off an emotional ledge and get himself to safety. He may have to trust others to help him past crevasses that he cannot negotiate on his own.

This unique experience will grant you a personal accomplishment while helping young men find success as well help 2xtreme impact more youth.

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