Call us toll free: 720.922.9779
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Call us toll free: 720.922.9779


Please help us support teen boys and young men in our community and across the country.  Your donation to our not-for-profit foundation will make a difference in a young man's life. 


What your donation can provide:

Provide an administrative assistant for the 2xtreme Foundation:  $50,000
Support the Mom's Group for a year:  $15,000
Provide a mentor for a teen boy for a year: $10,000 
Provide tutoring services for a year:  $7,500
Provide group counseling for a family for a year:  $6,000
Sponsor a teen boy / young man in therapy for a year:  $6,500
Sponsor a teen boy/young man's 2xtreme Dream trip:  $5,000
Therapy rewards (gift cards, sporting events, snow boarding, etc. ):  any amount


Your support at any level is greatly appreciated.
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2xtreme Foundation, Inc. is a NonProfit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, Federal Tax Identification Number 84-1564921.


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