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Call us toll free: 720.922.9779


Our 5 year goal is to create a 2xtreme Center. This center would house our Recreational facilities, our Counseling Center, and the Program offices.

  • We are very excited about the Recreational facilities. This would offer us a new way to connect our guys with adults who love being part of their process and lives. We envision an indoor climbing wall (sustained through community events and support), a shaded skateboard area, a gaming area, and a casual meeting area where positive relationships are created doing positive things.
  • The Counseling Center would allow us to expand our current program to include Marriage and Family components. While we currently address these on a limited basis, our goal is to further enhance our offerings in ways that connect, support, and create strong families.
  • The centralization of our Program operations would enhance our ability to train others to join in our mission, and encourage adults to ‘put it down to connect with a kid’. This space lets us create a solution for a need we have long desired to address: Experiential Learning Education. Our findings are that 90% of our boys do not fit the traditional academic model. Our vision is to have an accredited, experience-based model where boys learn by DOING, not watching. We will continue our current Tutoring program for those who remain in traditional schools.

The over-reaching goal of our facility will be to create a place where adults are willing to be inconvenienced for the sake of a kid’s heart.

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